Why ARLL services?
  • If you have stock to sell?
Every manufacturer has hard-to-sell slow moving stock for which the sales department has lost the will to market & sell. Sometimes these goods are massively discounted (even below cost) just to resolve 'the problem'. However, you should consider another option: contracting an outsourced sales company just for these products. You have no costs involved as you pay only after the sale has been done, your problem stock gets sold, and you get new clients and possibly, an introduction to new markets. Our buyer portfolio has over 11,000 qualified buyers from all over the world.
We already handle a portfolio of 25 vendors on behalf of whom we promote & sell millions of £ worth of stock. Our vendors highly appreciate our services and leave us handling the hassle of sales while they focus on their core business. We became part of their team and they consult us on strategic decisions.

ARLL can help you:
✓ Identify those potential buyers willing to pay the requested value for your dusted stock – a product might be expensive for your market, but ARLL with our qualified sales team can identify the right market where the product still has a high value.
✓ Create space in your warehouse and have an increased profit rather than using actual dispositioning solution
✓ It doesn’t cost you a dime unless we deliver results, and when the sale is concluded, you will pay the lowest fee for our sales & marketing services. Plus this is an operational expense for you and not a HR one.
✓ While we do all the donkey work promoting your stock and getting that buyer willing to pay the right price for your stock you focus on your core business.
With over £10 million in first 3 years’ sales proceeds and nearly 2,000 buyers in almost 50 countries (all Europe, Africa, former URSS and Middle East), we are the proven market leader in delivering smart surplus and customer returns solutions.
Let us build a better future for your hard-to-sell stock! Email us on office@arll.co.uk

  • If you want to buy?
ARLL is your trusted source for liquidation stock. Our wide inventory includes small and large domestic appliances, apparel, computers, mobile phones, tablets, electronics, housewares, toys and much more. Bulk lots are sold by the truckload, pallet, or single items and conditions range from a variety of sources, our main contributor being ex-catalogue production, in the form of surplus stock, end of line products and raw customer returns.
Our buyers range from small online sellers who purchase single pallets for eBay Inventory to large merchandise liquidators who regularly purchase multiple truckloads.
If you are not decided yet to become our buyer, please note few extra reasons:
High volume - our stock inventory is over £25 million. We offer dozens of categories of consumer goods including general merchandise, computers/electronics, apparel, etc.
Only a fraction of deals is listed online – due to brand market protection, many of the offers are sent in one to one emails – respecting the market restrictions. You might lose some great deals if you do not have a designed account manager that will take care of your needs and update you immediately as we get fresh lots in
High trust – unlike some b2b liquidation platforms, or jobbers we are not looking for a quick profit. Our business relies on long term and repeating customers. Our marketing department do their best describing the lots accurately.
ARLL has so far sold over £13,000,000 worth of stock at heavily discounted prices to over 25,000 clients, and we are not planning to slow down. We are constantly expanding our offer, adding more vendors and covering all product ranges demanded by our clients
❖ Low Risk – Almost all our deals come with packing lists and complete info: brands, models, stock conditions – BEFORE YOU BUY. We also hold your payment and release t to our vendor when it is delivered to your warehouse, so there is no risk for you to pay for some merchandise and never get it. Also, in respect to our clients, we have a professional insurance policy that covers every single purchase up to £100,000. (Download)

Easy to use – our website has been designed having our client in mind. It is easy to navigate and you can get in touch with our sales team via real time chat, Skype accounts, emails, or direct phone lines. Our sales agents speak multiple languages – so there is a high chance to get someone speaking your language –and assist you during the sales process – without the risk of being lost in translation. Spoken languages: English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Spanish. Check our contact page for more info.