What our buyers say

RobertVery good and reliable company. Works very professional. Good prices and good stocks. Recommend this company to everyone who looks for good deals!

Deina: Professionals, helpful, nice to communicate, getting all information we need. RECOMMEND!

Daniel: We want to highlight the professionalism and courtesy shown by ARLL company, especially the care and attention shown to customers. We have received the best services both as buyers and as suppliers working with ARLL and this is encouraging us to move forward along this powerful and unique company. More people need to know about the excellent service you offer and we are happy to provide all the references needed.

Tomas: Very good and reliable partner. Open and very communicative. If you need more information about offer, always tries to get all information that you need. Recommend.

Bojidar: ARLL are very good professionals with many years experience in their area. In the recent transactions we have with them we have been served very well and in professional manner. That is why we want to highlight this company for the others which still do not have any relationships with them. Thank you for the hard work you do. For all great deals you provide us. We are excited for the future offers you will have. Good Luck!

George: Currently the best co-operator I work with. 
- quick response 
- excellent service
- friendly approach
- hard working to satisfy the client whatever the needs
- happy to work with

Kenan: We are acting as Wholesaler for a certain time and we tried till today almost all B2B platforms who call themselves as the leader in this sector, but they are not, as many sites are offering the same poor goodies which is sometimes even at eBay cheaper. ARLL is a company which we know from their very first day and although we (as normal) doubted at the first days whether we were with them on the right track, it took the fruits itself and ran faster and faster. In short words they deserve to call theirself ARLL (Attracting Real Leverage Ltd).

Ian: I feel it is right to highlight the professionalism and courtesy shown by your company, especially the care and attention you show to your customers.
It is very refreshing and encouraging moving forward along with yourselves and feel that the service you have put in place can only go from strength to strength.
More people need to know about the excellent service you offer.
I am more than to provide references to any potential clients.
Thanks again

Philippe: Le professionnalisme du ARLL est sans égal sur le marché européen de l électro-ménagers de seconde main. Son expérience et son réseau font d'elle une experte incontournable.

Mr Bouraba: Je me permets de vous écrire pour vous donner mon avis sur la société ARLL. Je connais cette société depuis quelques années maintenant et je peux vous dire que je n'ai pas eu de problemes. Récemment j'ai reçu ma commande dans les délais et a bon port. Je suis français et je n'ai aucun lien d’intérêt avec ARLL. Je vous dis cela par solidarité entre commerçants.
En tout cas je vous conseille cette société.

Touhami: Je commande depuis peu chez ARLL et je suis entièrement satisfait et je salue particulièrement le sérieux, et le professionalisme de Marinela Miclea.

Florin C.: I recommend this company for anybody who needs a reliable supplier. The stocks are highly qualitative and at the right price. The delivery terms are met. The company treats its clients with a lot of respect and professionalism and the staff is very helpful in any request.

 Flavian Q.: Cela fait 2 ans que nous travaillons avec ARLL et nous n'avons pas de problèmes, les appareils sont conformes au descriptif, le dernier lot de machines a laver était parfait.