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Washing machines and dryers Network Damaged Stock
75 pieces
Samsung Portable DVD Players Customer Returns
218 pieces
Samsung TVs Retailer Customer Returns
71 pieces
Mixed Large Home Appliances Retailer Tested and Faulty
88 pieces
Mixed Large Home Appliances Retailer Customer Returns
98 pieces
Fridge Freezers Retailer Customer Returns
71 pieces
Panasonic Technics Professional DJ Headphones with Flip Away Ear Cup Brand New Stock
275 pieces
price per piece: 55.00 GBP
Major Online Retailer Musical Instruments Customer Returns
353 pieces
price: 4,013.04 GBP
Major Online Retailer Office Products Customer Returns
2,518 pieces
price: 13,288.02 GBP
Major Online Retailer Small Domestic  Appliances Customer Returns
699 pieces
price: 7,203.77 GBP
Major Online Retailer Grocery Products Brand New Surplus Stock
2,959 pieces
price: 4,340.42 GBP
Major Online Retailer Baby Products Customer Returns
1,522 pieces
price: 22,994.22 GBP
Sharp Microwaves - Customer Returns
169 pieces
price per piece: 14.00 GBP
Dell Laptop Latitude E6410 Second Generation Refurbished
199 pieces
price per piece: 150.00 EUR
Major Online Retailer Gardening Products Customer Returns
1,755 pieces
price: 19,271.52 GBP
Major Online Retailer Microwaves Customer Returns
44 pieces
price: 924.79 GBP
Major Online Retailer Automotive Customer Returns
607 pieces
price: 4,535.56 GBP
Hoover Fridges Customer Returns
57 pieces
price: 2,675.00 GBP
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