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Fridge Freezers Retailer Customer Returns
54 pieces
Washing machines and dryers Retailer Customer Returns
91 pieces
Samsung Fridges Retailer Customer Returns Tested and Working
22 pieces
 Microwaves Retailer Customer Returns
268 pieces
Fridges Freezers Network Damaged Stock
54 pieces
Women s Regular Linen Parka Brand New Stocks
2,519 pieces
price per piece: 12.00 GBP
Morphy Richards Small Domestic Appliances Customer Returns
15,448 pieces
Beats Dr. Dre Headphones Refurbished
218 pieces
price per piece: 90.00 GBP
Russell Hobbs Small Domestic Appliances Customer Returns
7,974 pieces
Major Online Retailer Baby Products Customer Returns
2,664 pieces
price: 39,829.45 GBP
Major Online Retailer Books Brand New Liquidation Stock
33,531 pieces
Major Online Retailer Gardening Products Customer Returns
2,708 pieces
price: 23,770.66 GBP
Vax Pressure Washers Customer Returns
35 pallets
price: 16,968.00 GBP
Vax Spray & Vac Cordless Handheld Window Cleaner Refurbished
500 pieces
price per piece: 10.00 GBP
PC Pentium IV 500 HDD Refurbished
200 pieces
price per piece: 60.00 EUR
Tablets and Laptops Lot 2 Customer Returns
543 pieces
price: 22,428.92 GBP
Tablets and Laptops Lot 1 Customer Returns
583 pieces
price: 22,095.73 GBP
Major Online Retailer Power Tools Customer Returns
1,336 pieces
price: 8,146.20 GBP
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