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Fridge Freezers Retailer Customer Returns
88 pieces
Laptops and PC Grade C
135 pieces
Samsung TVs Retailer Customer Returns
56 pieces
Apple iPod Classic, Nano, Shuffle and Touch models Faulty
213 pieces
Cooking Customer Returns Tested and Faulty
80 pieces
Lamona Double Fan Oven Brand New Stock
100 pieces
price per piece: 100.00 GBP
Fagor Cooking Set Brand New Stock
330 sets
price per piece: 35.00 GBP
LG MSR3320W Microwaves Brand New Stock
450 pieces
price per piece: 53.00 EUR
Electrolux White Goods Brand New End of Line Stock
369 pieces
price: 102,380.00 GBP
Smeg DI607C Fully Integrated Compact Dishwasher Brand New Stock
152 pieces
price per piece: 105.00 GBP
Domestic Appliances Customer Returns
684 pieces
price: 83,920.00 GBP
Kids Bikes Brand New Stock
214 pieces
price per piece: 37.00 GBP
600W Electric Radiator Pristine Brand New Stock
224 pieces
price per piece: 90.00 GBP
1500W Electric Radiator Pristine Brand New Stock
28 pieces
price per piece: 125.00 GBP
Washing Machines Refurbished Stock
134 pieces
price per piece: 80.00 GBP
Cosmetics Brand New Stock
100,174 pieces
price per piece: 0.99 GBP
German Major Online Retailer Shoes Customer Returns
2,000 pairs
price per piece: 16.00 EUR
Laundry Machines Customer Returns
150 pieces
price per piece: 65.00 GBP
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