Hoover 32 Large Home Appliances - Customer Returns
Hoover 32 Large Home Appliances - Customer Returns
Hoover 32 Large Home Appliances - Customer Returns Hoover 32 Large Home Appliances - Customer Returns Hoover 32 Large Home Appliances - Customer Returns Hoover 32 Large Home Appliances - Customer Returns

We are sorry, but this product is no longer part of our offer. Thank you.

Product details
We promote a batch of Hoover large home appliances: washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens.
Stock quality:
Any or all the following types:
(a) Manufacturer Returns stock - goods returned to manufacturer by their customers as being faulty or defective in some way which, for some reason, cannot be returned to the original supplier
(b) Warehouse / Store Damaged goods - goods which have suffered from accidental damage within the distribution system. The goods themselves may be damaged, or it may simply that the packaging is damaged;
(c) Partially complete / incomplete goods - includes multipart goods where one or more components are missing.
Goods are sold on an "as is" basis.
We do not have a breakdown of how many are faulty/working, or how many are complete or incomplete.
Stock available: 143 pieces (1 truck)
The stock is located in Ireland.
Prices are ex-VAT and ex-works.
Take all 143 pieces.
Email us for price!
For more details please check the list below.  
If you have any questions about this stock, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Category Product PCS
Vacuum Cleaner AT70EG10001 1
Washer Dryer AWDPD4138LH 1
Washing Machine AWMPD413LH7 3
Washing Machine AWMPD69LH7 1
Washing Machine CBTDH7A2 1
Washing Machine CBWD8514D 1
Washing Machine CBWM 814DC 6
Dishwasher CDI1LS38 4
Washing Machine CS4 147D3 6
Condenser Dryer CSC9DF 1
Tumble Dryer CSVV9LG-80 9
Washing Machine CVS1492D3 4
Washing Machine DHL14102D3 3
Washing Machine DHL1492D3 9
Vacuum Cleaner DMHD101A2 1
Vacuum Cleaner DS22G 2
Vacuum Cleaner DS22GR 3
Condenser Dryer DX C10TG 1
Condenser Tumble Dryer DX C8TCEB 1
Tumble Dryer DX C9DG 9
Tumble Dryer DX H10A2TCE 6
Washing Machine DXOA 48AC3 3
Washing Machine DXOA 49C3 1
Washing Machine DXOA 510C3 8
Washing Machine DXOA69AFN3 1
Washing Machine DXOC68C3B 1
Built-In Electric Double Oven FC9D415X 1
Built-In Electric Double Oven FC9D815X 1
Built-In Electric Oven FCP405X 1
Built-In Electric Oven FCP600X 1
Vacuum Cleaner FD22G 2
Vacuum Cleaner FD22GR 1
Vacuum Cleaner FD22L 1
Washer Dryer GCSW485T 2
Tumble Dryer GOV580NC 1
Washing Machine GVS 148DC3 4
Tumble Dryer GVS C10DE 14
Washing Machine GVS1482D3B 1
Washing Machine GVS149D3 2
Washing Machine GVS169DC3 1
Integrated Fridge Freezer HBBS100UK 1
Under Counter Integrated Fridge HBRUP164NK 3
Freestanding Fridge Freezer HF18XK 1
Tumble Dryer HL V9LG 1
Built-In Electric Oven HO8SC65X 1
Built-In Electric Oven HOC3250BI 1
FreeStanding Fridge Freezer HSC574S 1
Fridge Freezer HSC574W 3
Vacuum Cleaner KS51OP20001 3
Built In Gas Single Oven OVG505/3X 1
Vacuum Cleaner TE70EN21001 1
Condenser Dryer VTC791NB 1
Washer Dryer WDXOA 485ACB 5
- - 143
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