Copper cookware sets - Brand New Stock
Copper cookware sets - Brand New Stock
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  • Volume: 820 sets
  • Grade: Brand New Stock
  • Product code: A11072018
  • Country: United Kingdom
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Product details
We promote a batch of copper cookware sets (7 pieces).
Stock quality: Brand new; products are packed in a color box and a mail box.
Stock available: 820 sets (10 pallets)
Minimum order: 82 sets (1 pallet)
Product details:
- Pressed Aluminium 2.5mm
- Induction base
- Interior: Cermalon® ceramic  Pewter colour Coating
- High gloss Bakelite Handles and lid knobs
- Exterior: High gloss metallic pewter
- Contents:
    - 14 cm Milk Pan
    - 16 cm saucepan with lid
    - 20 cm saucepan with lid
    - 20 cm Frying Pan: (H) 3.6 cm
    - 24 cm Frying Pan: (H) 4.2 cm
The stock is located in the United Kingdom.
Prices are ex-VAT and ex-works.
You can choose the quantity or you can take all 820 sets.
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If you have any questions about this stock, please don't hesitate to contact us.