Daewoo Coffee Machines - Brand New Stock
Daewoo Coffee Machines - Brand New Stock
Daewoo Coffee Machines - Brand New Stock
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  • Volume: 324 pieces
  • Grade: Brand New Stock
  • Product code: B27092018
  • Country: France
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Product details
We promote a batch of Daewoo coffee machines, 2 models DCM-1990 and DCM-1883.
Stock quality: Brand new, in original package.
Stock available: 324 pieces
Minimum order: €3,000
The stock is located in France.
Prices are ex-VAT and ex-works.
You can choose the quantity or you can take all 324 pieces.
Due to brand protection, the price is not openly shared, please email us for further info.
For more details please check the list below.
If you have any questions about this stock, please don't hesitate to contact us.
DW.DCM-1883 Puissance 1000 Watts Cafetiere 1,5 litre (12 tasses) Programmable avec écran LCD Système anti-gouttes Plateau chauffe tasses Filtre permanent en nylon Pieds anti-dérapants 4895155631652 186
DW.DCM-1990 Puissance 1050 Watts Cafetiere 1,5 litre (12 tasses) Broyeur intégré 2 niveaux de torréfaction Programmable avec ecran LCD Fonction maintien au chaud Système anti-gouttes Pieds anti-dérapants 4895155647783 138
- - - 324
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