Stock Inspection and Samples
Stock Inspection and Samples

Since I get a lot of so-called customers asking for stock inspections, I feel I should share a few thoughts:

Most of the people in the market do not understand our business model: we are a sales department subcontracted by Major manufacturers and huge retailers to handle their sales worldwide. We are not re-sellers, we do not buy stocks from here and there, bring them all in one warehouse and then resell them at a higher price. We sell the goods on behalf of the vendors we represent and the products have to be collected by the customers directly from the huge manufacturer or retailer warehouses.

Why can't I go and check the stock?! I get this question very often and the reason is:
1st of all, since we talk about huge manufacturers, the security policy in the warehouse is very strict, you can not go and wander around in Bosch, Samsung, Indesit or many other similar warehouses, to start opening pallets, boxes and after that to leave and the next customer that is an actual customer ready to buy, to receive products opened or damaged by the "potential" customer/ or sometimes just visitor. Also, manufacturers can not just take a brand new item, open it to show it to the visitor and after that throw it to the bin, just because they are not serious and they just want to wander around to check what others have in their warehouses.
2nd reason is that in the past few years and based on previous experience in this field, stock inspections are just a waste of time, not even 5% of the potential customers that are asking for stock inspections do actually have the money to buy the stock or are in the position to make the purchase.
More than that, imagine if in a day only 1% of our over 20 000 customers would like to go and check the stock, we will be called events organizers, not sales department.

I have heard many times people asking to receive samples: Dear all, samples are usually offered for fabrics or promotional products (pens, stickers and so on), no one gives a washing machine as a sample or a TV, otherwise no one would have to pay for the goods anymore, when we would need a new TV we would just pretend we want to buy a full container and ask for a TV as a sample, put it in our living room and then we find a reason to tell them the quality is not as expected or the size or anything else and that we can not buy more ... and so we get a new TV for free smile. In real life, manufacturers are not that foolish, and no one just gives away a TV, a fridge, a washing machine and so on as a sample.

I can not buy something if I do not see it first

Then how comes that nowadays people make over 90% of their shopping online, see Amazon, Ebay and many other online shops that have thousands of orders daily and in the future I expect that over 98% of the shopping will be just online. Do you really pretend that you can go in Amazon warehouse like in the vegetables market and point with the finger what you want from there? I highly doubt that would ever happen, but you still buy...

More than that these days almost everyone has access to internet and a company history and many opinions and reviews about a business are very easy to be found online, more than that we even offer copies of company documents to our customers so they can check us out easily and also we have a professional insurance policy that covers each and single sale.

Prices - if you are new in this business or just greedy and you are thinking that you will find a stocklot of Brand new Iphones - for example - at only 50 euro/pc, when all over the world the product is selling in retail at 600-700 euro/pc, then you are just naive. Big brands have some pricing rules in order to protect their prices worldwide. And sorry to ruin your dreams but NO, YOU WON'T FIND A STOCKLOT OF BRAND NEW IPHONES FOR 50 EURO/pc not even if you would buy 1 million pieces at once, because otherwise everybody will buy them and resell them at 300 euro/pc for example and then make a lot of money and retire at 30 years, spending the time on an island, drinking cocktails and doing nothing for the rest of their lives.

So please be realistic and try to understand that there is no such stock that will make you a millionaire overnight with a 5 000-10 000 euro investment and also the sales people or manufacturers  won't come with money from home to sell you on a loss just so you could take the products at the prices that you like and fulfill your dream of becoming a millionaire overnight!

So if you are just looking for different reasons and you are not willing to take advantage of the opportunity to have access to buy the products that you need, directly from big manufacturers and you like better to buy stocklots of different products from other sources that will tell you what you want to hear, then, please, let's not waste our time and yours as well, as meanwhile you are losing my time trying to convince me to skip some Major rules, on which we work for years. Another real customer might be waiting to buy the products and make a nice profit, so if you are not willing to make a profit, let someone else do it.

Oana Ghidarcea
International Sales Manager