Keep calm: baby girl on the way!
Keep calm: baby girl on the way!

I was writing my Daily Boost of Positivity and some more ideas started invading my head. I normally ”steal” some Daily Bosts from portals, blogs etc and add either a photo or a personal thought to it and send it to my colleagues to help them cope with the stress of sales, targets, deadlines, customers, life in general.

But today I wanted to write something completely special, as I had just returned from the doctors’ with news: my daughter is going to have a baby sister grin.

So many ideas were rushing through my head and this is what I came up with: LINK

I started talking about life in general as I knew my colleagues needed something really positive and talking about personal life events usually does the trick (blink), but what I also wanted to point out is that life can take you by surprise and if you let it, it will be a nice surprise thinking of the good things will come from that surprise.

Here at ARLL, we are a family, not a very big one, but a family, and we know each other’s sorrows and joys and the news of a new baby in ARLL family always brings a smile on our faces and a positive thought: who knows what happens next?!

My baby girl is the second born in this family – since ARLL first opened its ”gates” in 2011. We started with Mirela, who is our BDM (business development manager), a real working mom, who tirelessly strives to bring us contracts and vendors with amazing stocks to promote and sell.

To put it in a nutshell, we might be salespeople, but we are the rare ”human” kind.

And here is my daughter doing the happiness dance once she found out she will have a baby sister:

Laura Panainte
International Sales Manager