The world is flooded with sales tools
Why do we claim ARLL is a sales and marketing winning team?

There are millions of articles and books on the subject of Sales: how to sell, retail tricks, how to persuade your client, how to negotiate, and many many more.

But all of those sales information put together are insignificant if you don’t have the intellectual and emotional tools that truly create success.

Here, at ARLL, we aim to attract the real leverage when we promote your products and we identify your potential clients, and if this first phase is done properly we have 70% of the job done.

Closing the deal comes naturally if you follow 7 golden principles:

1. Commitment

Because we are truly committed to both our customer’s success and our own success, we do whatever it takes (within legal and ethical bounds) to get the job done.  If you lack commitment, you’ll consistently fail to follow through–and will often drop the ball at the worst possible moment.

2. Patience

We are patient, and we let our customers decide at their own speed.  We present the products with complete and accurate information. We are here to answer all queries. If you lack patience, you’ll be frustrated whenever things take longer than you’d like. Customers will sense your frustration and hesitate to buy

3. Flexibility

Life is all about change; nothing stays the same. We are flexible and adapting, we observe what’s working, we listen to customer’s feedback and we change our approach to match changing circumstances.

4. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is contagious: And we are enthusiastic about ourselves, our firm and our product.  Thus our customers “pick up” on our enthusiasm and believe in our ability to propose them profitable deals. We state on our home page – we believe that you never achieve success in life unless you like what you are doing and we love our work!   If you lack enthusiasm, however, you’ll always find yourself surrounded by naysayers and endless “objections.”

5. Integrity

Because there’s no hidden agenda, customers sense our honesty and feel comfortable working with us. If you lack integrity, however, customers will have a nagging feeling that something is “not quite right”–and hesitate and eventually give up buying.

6. Courage

We take the necessary risks to expand our business into new areas–even when we’re facing enormous odds. Any setback is looked upon as a learning opportunity rather than a failure.

7. Thirst for learning

One of our daily tasks is to spend 30 minutes updating ourselves with the latest news and learning something new to better serve our customers. We read books, listen to audio training, take courses, and network with peers. Clients are impressed when we talk about latest news in their country, feel like we are treating each one with the personal touch to make him feel special – and we do it because we really care. It is not just a trick to manipulate them.

These 7 golden principles are the embodiment of ARLL.  That is why we become friends with our clients, and their friendship is worth the most for us and our business.