Is payment upfront your major fear?
There are many cases in this business, where people paid for some goods and then the beneficiary of the payment disappeared, rejected the calls, etc.
That's why almost all our deals come with packing lists and complete info: brands, models, stock conditions – BEFORE YOU BUY. We also hold your payment and release it to our vendor when it is delivered to your warehouse, so there is no risk for you to pay for some merchandise and never get it. Also, in respect to our clients, we have a professional insurance policy with Markel UK Ltd – by which our clients are insured their payment is secure – and they will receive what
they have paid for. It covers every single purchase up to £100,000. 

Moreover, by the contracts we have with our vendors (the goods are released and will be paid, once the stock is in our client’s hands). The client pays ARLL and ARLL holds his money, until he gets the stock – so there is no risk for our client