Give me a beep please!

Probably you are wondering if this sentence is still valid nowadays…

Unfortunately our answer is YES and we are talking about this practice because it happened in our company.

According to Wikipedia-the practice of “beeping” refers to the cell phone phenomenon during which a person dials a number but immediately cancels the call before it is answered in order to elicit a call back from the recipient. One reason for this practice is to elicit a recipient to call back when the caller has almost run out of prepaid units for his/her cell phone but still wants or needs to talk to the recipient.

The funniest part is that those beeps comes from our clients, considering the Telephone Industry has greatly developed. The immense growth of telecommunications has been registered in competition and evolution which results in a variety of choices for each type of consumer.

So, today is no secret that everybody can have free cell phone, free minutes each month, free unlimited text messages by paying monthly cell phone service. But why do we still practice old habits like “give beep and then hang up”?

When you are part of the B2B system, beep-ing a potential client or vendor is something totally unacceptable but…unfortunately, possible these days. We can call this real bootstrapping!

Let’s forget old habits because it is time to live in the present and to adapt your actions depending on B2B requiremen