ARLL FUNNY line: One client asked us for a washing machine as sample!
Clients can be a real inspiration sometimes, we all know that. It is almost impossible to find a perfect client and from time to time we have to interact with stubborn people who make our work a little bit funny. After a full day with lot of discussions with our clients, we can relax and enjoy sharing each other the funniest line of the day.
So Today we are very happy to announce you that we finally decided to launch a new category from FUNNY DEMANDS Area!
As you already know, at ARLL you can find the quality at small prices and if you want to be convinced about this, all you have to do is to make a trial order!
What about if the trial order turns into a free washing machine sample?

Of course, you will say how is this possible?
The answer is simple: one client asked us for a washing machine as sample!
Well, we have never thought that we will have the honor to sell and to prepare the transport for one washing machine. This was our first funny material from sales department!
Don’t forget to check out our website for the latest offers and also we want to put another smile on your face, so let’s meet in the same place next week!