Strange and Funny E-mail Addresses

We all know how important an e-mail address is in business environment, especially in Digital Age. Some companies create e-mail address by using the last or the first name of their employees. Nothing strange here, but on the other hand there are organizations and people who can choose their e-mail addresses.

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ARLL FUNNY line: One client asked us for a washing machine as sample!

As you already know, at ARLL you can find the quality at small prices and if you want to be convinced about this, all you have to do is to make a trial order! What about if the trial order turns into a free washing machine sample???

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Give me a beep please!

When you are part of the B2B system, beep-ing a potential client or vendor is something totally unacceptable but…unfortunately, possible these days. We can call this real bootstrapping!

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