Expectations VS Reality

Expectations VS Reality

These days, with all the rush for wealth and fast gain, the business world is no longer a wide ocean, but a very small pool full of sharks ! It is getting harder and harder to meet everyone’s expectations in regards of the report quality / price . Buyers want top brands, brand new products for a dime so they can resell with huge profit margin, regardless brand awareness and market protection – more and more required by the big companies .

Customer returns are increasing day by day, the returns policy is every day more flexible and this allows companies like ARLL to open new frontiers and build new markets all over the world.

More and more business people are investing in the refurbishment industry, giving second life products an important launch on their markets. Nevertheless , there are companies that still try to hide the volume of customer returns they actually produce monthly, in a continuous desperate attempt to protect the brand with the false idea that they are the best, their products never fail and never return to the manufacturer ! This is nothing but a big lie and an illusion they create around the brand to keep it high valued on the market.

Prices for customer returns are proportional with the request, suffering a considerable increase in the past years .

The buyers of customer returns are always delighted with the prices and the idea of fast and huge gain with no effort , or as less effort as possible. Many of them get enchanted and blinded by the attractive prices and do not consider the customer returns quality as they really are : a mix of used and new, complete and incomplete, faulty and working, loose and boxed – unsifted returns .  

ARLL always tells the truth when closing a deal, and our buyers are informed about the stock quality, not only in the process previous the sale, but also stated in the purchase invoice the buyer agrees to pay.

One would say that this clear and open information makes business easy and smooth and the clients are content with the purchased stock once received . Well , NO ! Over the years we had clear evidence that client’s expectations are always different from the reality previously described to them .

  Clients always, but always hope and expect more ! Rarely they admit  to be satisfied with the stock quality, and this is not because the quality is not ok, but clients try to create leverages they can use for their next deal ! Why say that the goods are exactly as they should be, when we can complain and put pressure to obtain some discount or favor on a next order ? This is the pool of sharks , the stronger and the most cunning survives !

ARLL is swimming with the sharks for over 6 years now, and the fact that we, not only survived but also tamed most of the sharks, is an important statement of who we are and how we work !


                                                        Mirela Cutuhan
                                                             Business Development Director
                                                                                      ATTRACTING REAL LEVERAGE Ltd