How we celebrated the 4th ARLL anniversary
Last week-end we attended the 3rd ARLL teambuilding, it took place in Borca (a commune in Neamţ County, Romania.). After a long trip, around 8 hours of driving, we met in the most beautiful place and for 3 days we tried to experience life without phones because that area had no coverage.

Even though we had no connection we all can say the days spent there were a fabulous experience full of activities: fun and motivation, getting to know each other, discovering our individual personalities. However, the important part of this kind of activity isn’t related to how big or small the company is; each business will be more productive when the team is happy – and our Gina did it! She gave us some crazy, awesome, amazing, energizing and adrenaline-full days.

Individual personalities

We spend a lot of time at work and because of the telecommuting business model we have, sometimes it can be difficult to get to know each other and to know how we really are. During this teambuilding we learned more about us like a team and we got the chance to see what kind of personality has each ARLL member. It also gave us a chance to discover our strong points and to improve our weaknesses.

Getting to know each other

This teambuilding allowed us to communicate and interact with each other. We enjoyed the late night talks when we shared some of our professional experiences; we learned more about how we should improve our skills and how we improve ourselves. The bond got stronger when we came back to our offices.

Fun, relaxation and motivation

Someone said “Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.” and we had the possibility to enjoy nature. In these 3 days the outdoors and relaxation were connected and spending time in nature brought us a boost of energy! It also gave us the opportunity to take some time out of the office and allowing us to tackle something different.

Pictures say a million words, so let the photos tell the story!

Teambuilding isn’t something we do every month, but twice a year Gina is giving us something to look forward to and we have no words to thank her kindness and ARLL dedication!

We love you!

“It was a fabulous experience. I personal did not expect it. It was overwhelming!
The landscape was unbelievable; the beauty of the nature is amazing!
The best moment that I had was when I was on the top of the mountain-the feelings that I had were unmatchable by any other experience.
I have learned that life is short and these moments need to be lived!
Again thank you for probably the best moments of my life!”

Victor Stefan

“I don’t think I exaggerate when I say these were some crazy, fabulous, amazing, energizing, and full of adrenaline days. They were complete for:
We experienced some hardcore moments – for me the off-road experience was one of the most exciting moments of this team-building, not only for the sensations it gave me, but also seeing who “likes” it and who doesn’t, which is actually the whole idea of a teambuilding: learning more about each other.
The late night talks when we learned more about how we should improve our selling skills, how we can be better at what we do. The pop-quiz helped us all remember things we forgot and it brought out things we never thought we knew.
A fulfilling experience that we will always remember with a wide smile on our face!!!”

Laura Panainte

“First experience: Off road mountain
First experience with 2 traditional dishes
Meeting and having long talks with some great people – my colleagues
I’ve discovered that I can take a Pop-QUIZ after a crazy off road experience. I’ve took last place but winning a very good selling book is not such a bad thing; I’ve learned that sometimes life offers you what you need not what you want.”

Paul Acostioaie

“For me this team building was an awesome experience. As we work remotely, we only get to know our colleagues by conversations on Skype, not in person. Now, as we spent few days together and were involved in team outdoors activities and games, we finally get to know each other, and it felt like a big family and I think this will be very helpful for the whole team, as I am sure we will be more linked and the work environment will be more cozy, family like, especially for the new ones.
We experienced some unique things, we enjoyed some amazing landscapes and traditional dishes, we had a lot of fun and we disconnected from everything for few days, we learnt a lot of things about sales from each other experience and this will improve for sure our sales techniques.”

Oana Ghidarcea