First ARLL teambuilding
ARLL is a new concept outsourced sales department working on a telework business system i.e. each sales person works remotely from home linked by the rest of the team via Skype and other online systems.
We wake up each day, grab our coffee and sit in front of our home computer start chatting with the colleagues updating with the latest stocks, orders processing and news within the company. In Birmingham UK  is the Headquarter  but all the others are spread all over the world!
This week-end it was the first time, when all of us met in Bucharest. The sales team, the marketing, the operational, all under the same roof, face to face for the first time! We knew each other by the pictures of the Skype Avatar , but the voices were more than familiar due to our daily calls! Therefore, the quote of the first day was “Oh hi, you don’t look like in the picture.”
Our opinions about the team building are essential to understand our real experience.
“I don’t consider myself their boss , but just something like the eldest sister, initiating and helping each of them to face this complicated business we work in. And Family was the best word to describe the warmest atmosphere.
We laughed – shared funny stories, personal stories – and continued the night in Bucharest Clubs! Great fun and many stronger bounds created!
Each of them has different background and I realized that if you are a mom and you can handle a spoiled 3 years child – you can handle a forever moaning client, or if you sold real estate before you can adapt and sell juicers today!

Lessons learnt from this first meeting:
- Telework – is the best business model ever!
- Create a positive environment and appreciate each employee so you make from your company the best place to work in
- Offer them the chance to develop themselves – their skills and their talents – as not only they will be happy but also the company will benefit big time!
- Motivation is not only about a big salary package!
- Can’t wait for the next ARLL meeting!”
Gina, Managing Director

Another feedback from a colleague.
“What better way to consolidate a team but a teambuilding. It’s all in this word : a team – Marinela, Oana, Laura, Mirela, Simona, Sebastian, Pavel, Andrei, Lory, Monica, Gabriela and a builder – Gina equals teambuilding.
Put all these elements together and you get the best teambuilding ever! We spent a fantastic week-end learning about this business and knowing each other better. I personally learnt that working relaxed and having fun while you do it helps you grow and the company grows with you. One happy person makes the day for all the team.
And thinking this is only the first one makes me dream about the next one and the next and the next.
Being a young company with a young leader is a huge plus in today’s world of business. We swim with the sharks but are like mermaids that charm with their voices. No more door to door selling – telework is the future. Nowadays there is no need to invest in office buildings, but is crucial to invest in a teambuilding!”
Mirela, International Sales Manager

How a career beginner saw everything:
“ARLL it is the best job for a beginner – newcomer like me and I am such a lucky person to be part of this team. In ARLL everybody works with so much passion and enthusiasm that even if you are not in the sales department when somebody makes a sell you can feel the joy and the happiness of all colleagues. These feelings make me more ambitious and challenge me a huge hunger of knowing and learning. In the first place you do not really know what to think as everything is in front of the computer but fortunately the first impression when we met face to face was more that I have expected and I was really impressed. This teambuilding made me realize that the telework mode is even perfect that I initially thought, as offers you more than an ordinary job. You can work from home in your desired comfort and in your own way, but even if we are far one from another we feel close like we were in the same office. And these meetings are on top of everything as they help us better knowing our colleagues and strengthen our relationships.”
Gabriela, Marketing Assistant

These were only few of our impressions because the pictures will tell you more than 1000 words. All we know is that it was fun, it was great  and we already started to plan and dream for the next team building and we hope this will happen very soon as are not only simply colleagues but more than that.