Customer Returns Management & Logistics Summit (21 – 23 March, 2016)
Top managers from the most important companies in Europe gather to discuss the Customer Returns management and logistics issues.
ARLL attends the conference as the medicine that can cure this illness (Customer Returns) and not only the vitamin that makes it feel better. ARLL can handle and solve the Customer Returns problem for all those companies willing to leave the hassle of the Customer Returns re-sale in the hands of ARLL’s professional team of sales&marketing people. ARLL’s team speaks 5 foreign languages, reaching all those markets so far restricted because of the language barriers.

The Pain We Solve
Your obsolete, end of line and returned stock shouldn’t be sold to jobber for few pennies in a pound! A product can be outdated on the UK market but still you can get a decent recovery if it is sold on another market and this will make a significant different on your bottom line.

The Best Solution
Identify those potential buyers willing to pay the requested value for your dusted stock;
Create space in your warehouse and have an increased profit rather than using actual dispositioning solution

Why We Are the Best Solution?
ARLL has generated well over £9m in revenue for our clients in the first couple of months.
It doesn’t cost you a dime unless we deliver results, and when the sale is concluded (you confirm the money receipt into your account), you will pay the lowest fee for our sales & marketing services. Plus this is an operational expense for you and not a HR one.

While we do all the donkey work promoting yourdownload stock and getting that buyer willing to pay the right price for your stock you focus on your core business!

Attending the conference: Superdry, Sainsbury,  Asos,  Asda, Tesco and many more.