ARLL Team Building 2016
August is a special month for every ARLL member. This year we celebrated our 5th anniversary in a mind blowing mountain area, at 1400 meters altitude. Our fourth team building took place in Rarau Mountains, Suceava County, Romania, a land well known for its beautiful surroundings and the variety of tasty traditional foods. 
 After a long 8 hours drive we finally arrive at the destination. Everyone is happy to reunite and the night ends with laughters and positive vibes. 
 Thanks to our open-minded leader, Gina, we had a great time, being involved in several interactive and organized activities: 
 1. Brainstorming - each member of ARLL family had the chance to discuss about his personal experiences and exchange information with colleagues. During the process, we acknowledged our strenghts and weaknesses, allowing us to improve for better results. 
 2. ARL Olympics - accordingly to the Olympic Games held in Rio, we had our own internal competition which included 2 teams and a lot of challenging tasks: memory games, endurance runs, "pass the egg while it's still intact" - which we had a lot of fun playing! Of course the winning team was rewarded with a substantial prize to make it worth the trouble.
 3. Nevertheless, main interest point was the hike on Transrarau, a 10 Km ascending serpentine road surrounded by outstanding landscapes. The road itself is the dream of every driver and the view from the top of the mountains is breathtaking. 
We invite you to check our video coverage and hope you enjoy it. 

Many thanks to our dedicated General Manager and FRIEND, Gina, for a once in a lifetime experience!
 ARLL is more than a serious and reliable company, it's a family held together by our strong and intuitive leader and that's why we are your number one business partner!
See you next year!