Raw or new products? Both!

Being an experienced and professional selling company, ARLL is using all the resources and channels in place, in order to promote and sell as much as possible. We have a strong partnership with our suppliers based on trust and commitment and this is what we are willing to maintain and develop in the future period.

One of the most important partners for us is AP Taylor a company with a decade experience in reworking products and selling the obsolete ones. Their activity is very various,focusing on several levels as: collection, storage, reworking products – in a word: everything about reverse logistics in electronics and for this they have all the necessary departments in place in order to have a clean and organized process.

We deeply appreciate the professionalism of AP Taylor and their principles which are the same as ours, together with their way of working especially their approach to WEEE standards referring to the environment protection.

AP Taylor is able to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic waste by refurbishing the products to the highest possible grade (A), being confident that the grading system will allow their clients to receive higher revenue for their returned products and reduce their loss on this category of products.

Their reverse logistics process includes also the management and the sale of surplus stocks. The first step is to collect all the products daily, from independent stores to multiple full container loads collected from major Retailers. All these products are stored and with the help of their analyzing tools, they are able of provide information such as length of use, reason(s) for return, Model No, Week and Serial No, Type of Product, Store No returned from, Full test and report per product, Grade etc.

As a selling and marketing company, ARLL is doing its best efforts, in order to satisfy their needs. For us, the selling process is an art that requires time and commitment. The price is not the first and most important factor in the buying process, but the quality of the products and the process in place that have to run smoothly.

ARLL is the best solution for your company as we can identify those potential buyers willing to pay the requested value for the dusted stock. Generating well over £3 mil revenue for our clients in the first couple of months proves our capabilities and commitment. The main advantage is that it doesn’t cost you a dime unless we deliver results, and when the sale is concluded (you confirm the money receipt into your account), you will pay the lowest fee for our sales & marketing services.

So if you are a potential vendor and you have stock to sell but you lack a professional sales team, get in touch with us at office@arll.co.uk for a trial period and you won’t be disappointed, for sure.