How to Maximize Profitability through ARLL stocks

Bag of Babyliss Mystery Gift
Sell it for 7.99 euro/set

You can mix (any models hence there are thousands of models) of Brand New Babyliss haircare items.
→ Each item you get it for £0.30/pc (approx 0.38 euro/pc).The transport is very cheap - as we sell them in cartoon boxes of 1,000 each - roughly 100 euro/box as delivery cost - will get a 0.10/pc transport cost
→ so gross-modo 0.48 euro/pc. 
→ 1 set of 5 pieces = 2.40 euro (purchase cost + transport to you)

→ You sell it for 7.99 euro/set – take VAT off (we have used 21% as VAT rate - but it depends on each country) – 6.60 euro, you get a margin of 4.20 euro/set

This is a volume promotion, so for 200 sets (1,000 pieces) you make a profit of 840 euro – easy money to be made for just 500 euro invested with just 1 box purchased.