- Who is more important? The Client or the Supplier? ...The Employee
- Who is more important? - The Client or the Supplier? ...The Employee

I was on the phone with one of the sales girls in my team and we were discussing about happy clients, happy vendors or unhappy ones and I had an EUREKA moment.

On a daily basis we strive to convince the buyers to buy, to demonstrate that this is the best & profitable deal for them. After – Sale support takes a lot of energy and resources and it is based on our goals of seeking long term business and not just one time deals. 

Also, being a Sales-Force TEAM – we have to hit the targets set by our vendors: the retailers and the manufacturers that pay for our services. So we need to find that mid point where is a win-win transaction and both parties are happy – kind of a CUPID job.

And then I realized – that for me – the owner of the company – it is not the clients’ or the vendors’ needs that must form my BIBLE – not that they are less important – but they are not THE MOST important ones.

The center of my universe is my team – my sales staff – because I trained them, I gave them guidance and rules they must comply – and they are the ones making this company important! They wake up every day and spend more time serving ARLL’s goals that taking care of their families (well they do indirectly as they are paid for this job and their earnings fulfill their families’ needs.)

So, my sales professionals – they are the most important and it is my job to create a friendly working environment, to motivate and stimulate them but not to lie! I worked in previous companies, where I had witnessed commission & bonuses scheme made in such a complex way that it was almost impossible to hit those targets. Or, in my first job, I had a meeting with the HR manager for my yearly evaluation – and although I hit all the targets, he told me – that I am too young to deserve a raise – and that I hit a plateau and the company cannot afford to pay me more (and I was underpaid by any rules). I think all that bitterness built in me the manager I am today and I promised myself I wouldn’t humiliate anyone that works for me. 

And guess what an opened HR policy generates loyalty and pays back in consecutive months of achieved goals. 
Not only that is my main priority to treat fairly my employees but to make sure I won’t have any vendor or client bullying them. 
There are always stocks to sell in this world, and we will find new buyers for it – but a good sales person is hard to find and even harder to train & to motivate & to make him/her efficient ( i.e. TO KEEP)

Gina Ionescu
Managing Director