The secret to our success

ARLL is 100% remote

The big secret that more than anything else, has helped us build a million-dollar business from scratch in just a few years. It’s not just about making money, but also about saving it and operating lean.

We’ve got 30 employees spread across eight countries.

I’m not going to tell you it’s always easy, but I’ll be honest: Being 100% remote is ARLL’s biggest competitive advantage.

It’s pretty simple. Working remotely allows us to hire the best talent available. If the best salesman happens to live in France, or in Spain, or Romania, or wherever doesn’t matter. I’ll hire anyone, anywhere, so long as they make the cut. Even - me (the owner) - I work remotely from the beauty of my childhood mountains. There is no “ARLL HQ” at all. We do have a UK address, in Birmingham – where we receive the post, but the calls are re-directed on our mobiles and we use Skype for day-to-day communication.

Of course, there are MILLIONS of other benefits of working remotely (flexibility and work-life balance are two big ones), but for us, it’s all about finding the best talent.

Why in ARLL we have a Modern Sales Team?

1. Our business model is based on remote working: each sales representative works from his/her home – all they need is a good internet speed & laptop;

2. We transfer the costs we would have had with office rent & business rates to higher pay for better skilled sales people ➡ more motivated;

3. No commute costs ➡  no money spent on expensive suits, petrol, no time stuck in traffic ➡  more money & time to be spent with their family – more motivated to stick to ARLL and don’t look for other jobs;

4. The salesperson is trained to become an educator for the buyer - to understand the buyer’s challenges and enlighten them about potential solutions

5. Motivational tools - like sales leader boards and contests - that contribute to a high performance sales culture

6. Collaborative environment - the competition within ARLL is a healthy one and overall team-oriented culture. Seniors share info with the juniors ones - and help them avoid traps.

by Gina Tudosa, 
Managing Director