The joys and the benefits of working in a telecommuting system
I started up ARLL in August 2011 from my desire of setting up a professional sales company. On my previous job as Commercial Director at Britcom Direct, one of the largest refurbishment facilities in Europe, I had the challenge to promote & sell our factory output. New company based in East Europe and new types of products (refurbished) were just two of the many hurdles I had and that is how I got the idea of looking for a company specialized in sales services. And because I couldn’t find any on the market, I have decided to pursuit this dream.
Now, the company has 14 employees – 11 on sales and 3 on marketing – distributed all over the world. This job can be done from home office and in this way – I can access worldwide talents in sales for a super productive team.
I have decided to use the telecommuting system and I am happy to report that I am in love with the choice I have made.

1. Our team is super productive:

Everyone on board is incredibly smart.
They are self-motivated and productive working from home: less costs in travelling to work and being stuck in traffic, more time with family.
We’re all excited about our vision and we focus on results, balance, and sustained productivity.

2. Team members have incredible amounts of freedom:

If they want to go in Tenerife with the family – and work from there – they can do it – we are in 2015 – and all they need is their laptops and Internet connection. They can mind their kids or a sick relative while they do their job as well: no sick days and almost no staff rotation.

The overhead cost is transferred in higher paychecks for them. Why should I make my landlord richer when I can motivate my employees?

3. Unique feeling:

We are innovative in this field – we do something new and we can be subcontracted by any company that wants to access a professional sales team without spending money to recruit talents, train and watch them not to leave afterwards with company clients’ and secrets’. Plus we are paid ONLY IF WE DELIVER RESULTS – which is awesome!
We have established workflows and tools: Customer Relationship Management System (Highrise), Skype for calls and video chats, Zopim for Live Chat with our website visitors, Mailchimp for email marketing and many other very useful tools that allow us to be linked in real time no matter the thousands of miles in between us.
And we do all these from the comfort of our home office.
It feels like FUTURE! Of course, this will be something normal in few years time and there are many challenges and we are still working out how to sort them out.

4. Globalization

It is not an easy job to explain a client why he cannot see the stock before purchase, or why he cannot meet us and pay for stock in cash – this might raise questions about our credibility – but our honest and open-books working system brought us regular buyers and we gained their confidence over the years and their number is growing on weekly basis. We have now over 8,200 contacts all over the world. Plus an Italian based seller – who knows the market, the customer behavior and of course – present the stock in Italian languages – has increased chances to close a sale and gain a client – without being lost in translation.
Within our team members we speak over 10 languages and our clients love it

5. We travel every March to meet and to spend time together. Starting with this year we want to do it twice a year and invite the vendors to join us for funny & exciting teambuilding’s

6. 18 Vendors

We have 18 active vendors – companies that signed 2 years contracts with us to promote their stock: consumer goods, apparel, gardening, furniture, IT&C – These are retailers & manufacturers that discovered the beauty of working with us for disposing their surplus & obsolete stock, refurbished or customer returns without the hassle of a sales department. We become a marketing subcontractor cost rather than an overhead one PLUS WE ARE PAID only if we sell: so no risk involved for them. Over £7.2m of stock sold in the last 3 years and this figure it is growing on daily basis – since we get more staff trained and ready!

P.S. Interested in learning more about our team and our approach? ARLL is hiring

August 2015           
Gina Ionescu (Tudosa)