The B2B salesman profile
The B2B salesman profile

We got the idea, now let’s build the team of these “amazing” sales people capable to sell what others cannot!

It is a common fact that each person is gifted for a certain job. Some are brilliant with numbers; others with languages and 90% of them are in the wrong jobs (LOL). Since 2001 when I had my first job, I met thousands of people and only a handful of gifted salesmen. When you say salesman – I think you have a cringe – because no one likes to be sold something and the calls from different salesmen are not causing a pleasant feeling, on the contrary.

I do not pretend to know the perfect formula, but in this specific B2B business, I would say – these are the mandatory skills:

• EMPATHY  - to understand your client profitability needs, and how his business works – so you can target him with the right service/product
• AMBITION – to overcome your fears, and to hit your targets and go beyond your limits
• MOTIVATION – not to give up no matter how many doors are shut in your face
• DISCIPLINE – to keep going, to work smart to hit your quota
• AUTODIDACTICISM – to read daily and to be in an endless self improvement

As a company – you can invest in training your staff – but if they do not like sales, or they are not convinced by the mission of the company – bought into it – all these are wasted resources.

I do not like CVs – and I do not believe them – and when I do the hiring – I want to do it with my inner voice – and to watch the candidates how they react during the training, what questions they ask, how they position themselves among the rest of the team.

I have spent a huge amount of cash on staff recruiting – but I can say the handful of people I have now in my team – are genuine troopers and if they cannot close a sale – then the problem is with the product and its price and not with the team smile.

Gina Ionescu
Managing Director