ARLL Performance
ARLL Performance

The higher the performance, the more generous the severance package!

- Honesty & Openness Always – if you want to take a day off to go to an interview to another company – don’t call in sick – but tell the truth – you might be helped with a nice reference letter

- Honor Code: “ I will not lie, nor cheat, nor steal , nor tolerate those who do!”

- The more talent we have in our team – the more we can accomplish

- People who have been stars for ARLL, and have a bad month, get a near pass because we think they are likely to become stars for us again. But unlimited loyalty to a shrinking firm or to an ineffective employee is not our goal.

- We do not measure people by how many hours they work (emails sent, calls made) but by sustained performance (income generated)

- If you value job security and stability over performance = you are not a good fit for ARLL culture.

- High performance stars are what we are looking for!

- We aim to increase the employee freedom rather than limit it.

Gina Ionescu
Managing Director