ARLL on top of the world
4 years ago, I have set up a sales service company. I had no idea that in just 48 months I will be in the heart of the Carpathians Mountains – celebrating ARLL 4th anniversary in the most exciting teambuilding ever.

We had 4 days of adrenaline and amazing moments and probably because we are a remote work company – working from home – and we see each other just in the Skype pictures and not face-to-face – spending time together was even more exciting than the traditional companies do.

Late in the night – each other had to say one word to describe why ARLL is different from any other company they have worked for before. Here is the short list:

  • Oana: INDIVIDUALISM –  Each employee is empowered to bring to the table his/her skills, know-how to achieve the sales goals

  • Ruxi: FREEDOM - Each salesman is his own boss – they work as much and as hard as they want and there is no sales scripts – so you have to approach the client as you feel it should be done – so the sale is concluded

  • Mirela: THE CLIENT IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT – Negative experiences – proved us that especially in this business there are many clients that lie just to get some benefits. All the sales books teach the cliché that client is always right – not always and we gathered enough examples over the years where bully clients wanted to take advantage. Maybe it is just this niche business of customer returns buyers – and their business behaviour where there is no win- win relationship but just a fight for getting the best deal no matter what (this is not our policy and for 4 years we try to select the genuine buyers looking for long term business relationships based on trust)

  • Pavel: CUSTOMER SERVICE  – There is couple of B2B platforms where the interested buyers must log in to bid/buy – with no one2one contact to answer to all his/her questions. Our team is here answering to all the logistic, operational, commercial questions a potential buyer must have. A sale is not closed with a bank transfer and we spent a lot of time in after-sale

  • Laura: TEAMWORK – Probably the only sales department where there is no competition in between the members of the team. Each sale done by someone is applauded by the others and the sales charts are opened not to raise envy but to challenge each to be better and fight for premier league position

  • Paul: REMOTE WORK – When do you read some opening job for home working – your mind goes to something doggy – some jobs where you have to do loads of things and in the end your contractor disappears and let you unpaid. ARLL is a genuine British company where you can be subcontracted as sales freelancer and work from the comfort of your own home – less costs involved and offering you in the same time a great work – life balance.

  • Victor: HURDLES IN THE SALES PROCESS: PAYMENT UPFRONT & BLIND SALE – On his previous company, Victor had a massive factory he could show to the clients that wanted stock inspection prior buying. Now – he has even more stock to sell but 20 vendors all against stock inspection. It requires more effort in convincing a buyer to pay upfront – but the £8m worth of stock already sold proves it is possible!

  • Oana: COMISSION SCHEME & MOTIVATION – Why not – ARLL commission scheme is highly motivating the salesman to close a sale and to repeat purchases. And the monthly income a salesman can get is above the wage of a Top Director in a multinational corporation. Plus you get the chance of a raise every 3 months!!!

  • George: LACK OF BUREAUCRACY – Coming from a German multinational blue-chip company– and used with zillions of rules & procedures – George was surprised by the freedom and short set of rules in ARLL.

  • Gabriela: GOOD INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS – Comparing to other companies, ARLL has unity in communicating with the employees and everyone works as a whole. Even if each one has his own tasks, when someone finds a helpful material or creates something useful, it is shared with the entire team. We have a group chat where we share all this information so every team member is always informed and we have the possibility to interact to each other on various topics just like in a real meeting, but sitting more comfortable at home.

  • Andreea: BUSINESS MODEL – There is no other company doing what we do, in the way we do with the tools we use and performing as we do and I must admit – she made the conclusion of all! We are unique at what we do. Maybe we lack modesty but why should we be modest when we are a selling machine?


by Gina Tudosa, 
Managing Director