8th of March – International Women Day!
8th of March – International Women Day!

Apart from being a superb sunny spring day – today we celebrate International Women Day and this is the perfect opportunity to explain why in ARLL we benefit of the incredible and amazing sales & marketing skills of woman power!

Firstly, I am not a feminist so this is not a manifest, they are my thoughts on why women are better in this job than men.

Secondly, we had and we have in our team also boys /men and they had exceptional sales results, so we do not discriminate on hiring.

B2B selling is a relational marketing and not a transactional one. There are 7 reasons why a woman is a better seller than a man:

1. Women by their nature are more emphatic than men: maybe because of their maternal instincts, but they are built in such a way that they can listen, resonate to your problems and understand the clients’ s needs in a better way. Being good listeners – they make the clients to open themselves more to establish a connection that is very valuable as ground basis for a future business relationship

2. Women care more about their clients – and provide a better quality customer support. They are looking to build long term win- win business relationships and get repeated orders rather than a big sale and move on! They are focused on the sales process and sales results – rather than on the “what can I buy with the commission I am making on this sale”

3. Women can handle a naughty child more gentle than a man can do – so they can be taught with a bully client and teach & explain in a very convincing way why a certain situation is as it is. 

4. Women have plenty of patience - and B2B sales require a huge amount of time and many hours of discussions.

5. Persuasion – come on – let’s be honest, women rarely give up when they want something! They can move mountains to obtain what they want. Even if this means charming you or bewitching you!

6. Communication – there is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT style of communicating with a saleswoman than to a salesman: the voice tone is softer, they give thanks more often and unfortunately apologize even when they did nothing wrong and accept blames to smooth tense situations.

At the end of the day – even if we are in 2018 – this is a man business world and women are less than 2% in this field – and we do get bullied often and threaten and get harsh words – but it looks like RESILIENCE keeps us on going and make us more successful year after year! We stick to our principles of: HONESTY, OPENNESS, NO DIRTY POLITCAL GAMES! At the end of the day, when get back to our families, we feel good about it! We made a clean & correct sale! We didn’t cheat and we didn’t lie! And in this customer returns & obsolete stock business – THIS IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Gina Ionescu
Managing Director