We sell products of the following quality conditions:
●  Returns - Products that have been purchased by consumers and returned to the retailer for a variety of reasons (customer returns), or returned to the manufacturer within warranty period (manufacturer returns)
​​●  Refurbished products - Products that have been used, but have gone through an inspection process and have been restored to like-new condition. They typically have a limited warranty (30 days, or no warranty whatsoever).
●  Overstock/obsolete - Products that did not make it to the retail shelf), closeout merchandise (products that were in the store but are no longer offered by retailer), or shelf pull (products that were in the retail store but pulled off the shelf to make room for new inventory).
●  Box Damaged - Product whose packaging was damaged in the distribution center and, for that reason, was never shipped to the retail store. These open box products were previously opened, so they may be slightly worn in appearance and will be re-taped.